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This LibGuide illustrates how to determine peer-review status.

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Peer-reviewed articles - definition

"The peer review process exists to afford some level of quality assurance before material being published." "Peer review distributes the author’s work to a panel of health care professionals with expertise in the topic area and requests their appraisal of its merits, weaknesses, and suitability for publication."

Alspach, J. G. (2016). Preparing a Paper for Publication: Help Us Help You Make It Happen. Critical Care Nurse, 36(3), 7-10. doi:10.4037/ccn2016777


How to locate peer-reviewed articles

There are two ways to determine if an article is peer-reviewed.  

     1) use the peer-review filter in CINAHL (see the powerpoint for instructions)

     2) Locate a particular journal's web site and look in "Instructions for Authors".  See the example in the blue tab above labeled "Determining if a Journal is Peer-Reviewed."

NOTE: PubMed does not have a peer review filter

NOTE: PubMed does NOT have a have peer-review filter.

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