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3D Printing: Poster Printing at The Methdology Lab

Information and policies on 3D printing at the TTUHSC Libraries

First things first, you've got to express your ideas! 

While sometimes, we assume that ‘novel ideas’ manifests at the point of idea generation, innovation and producing novelty is not a process of idea generation out of nothing. Instead, it begins with accepted definitions and applications of standard ideas and practices and expands and expresses them in non-standard ways.

What does this mean?

It means you've got get those ideas on paper!

Here are a couple of ways to start:

WORK with an Expert

If you have no design experience or simply short on time, TTUHSC provides experienced professionals to support your research poster endeavors.

USE a Template

EXPRESS Artistic License

  • If you opt for divine inspiration, there are number of design software programs to use like Adobe Indesign, Mac Keynote, MS PowerPoint, and to name a few.
  • While working from ex nihilo, keep in mind that you need set your document size to the required dimensions for the competition/event before you add content to the page. If you are using PowerPoint go to Design -> Slide Size -> Page Setup -> specify the width and height of the slide in inches.

When you are Ready to Print

We can print more than just research posters, but it is important to keep the following in mind: 

  • To maintain the size for the PDF proof, be sure to Save as PDF:
  • In power-point, output your ppt to PDF by using the Print function to Save, open the Adobe PDF Settings to change the Adobe PDF Page Size to: Arch D for 24 x 36, Arch E for 36 x 48. Learn more about sizing your document at:
  • Use Spell Check and the fresh eye of another (who didn’t prepare the graphic) to give the team feedback on the draft.
  • Export as a PDF


Where and How To Print

Printing Resources

Professional Resources

Professional printing options are available through TTUHSC Educational Medial Resources and the TTUHSC Print Shop Printing on this scale is not for the faint of heart, please take advantage of these resources!



The Methodology Lab's large format printer is available on the second floor in the maker-space area (226a).



Use of the device requires the oversight of a librarian and we offer walk-in service Monday - Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm. For use after 5 pm and weekends, please schedule an appointment. 

*Please check-in with a staff member, before attempting to print. You will be expected to pay at the library with a credit or debit card, before printing.



We recommended the finished poster be printed on 80# photograph-quality paper. 

To print your poster, just insert your flash drive into the printer's USB port and follow the instructions on the printer's screen.  Be sure you have saved your file as a PDF, the optimal format for this poster printing model.

The maximum printable width is 36 inches, the maximum length: 60 inches. 

The Methodology Lab Poster Printing

While the crux of research is in your hands,

we can help you to find resources that shape the presentation of your ideas!

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