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3D Printing: SCAMeL 3d Printing Award

Information and policies on 3D printing at the TTUHSC Libraries

The Libraries of the Health Sciences was awarded funding for 3D printing services by the South Central Academic Medical Library (SCAMeL) consortium.


The aim of our proposal is to provide you, future healthcare professionals, the opportunity to learn about and engage in the innovative application of 3D printing to be used in research, academic, practical, and clinical environments by providing access to free 3D printing consumables, instruction, and guidance.


Use Promo Code: TAKE20_3D

SCAMEL $20 promotional credit is available to TTUHSC students, staff, and faculty upon request. One request per patron. The promotional credit is valid  while materials last and applies to the products listed within the SCAMEL 3D Printing Shoppe, personal design, or model from online design communities. Special request will be considered on a case by case basis. Please email for questions. 

All requests must be submitted through the 3D Print Store. TTUHSC students, staff, and faculty can choose from 3D printing packages or submit a URL request for existing models. No returns will be accepted.  Cancellations will be accepted if the print job has not begun printing and the cancellation is made within 24 hours of submission.

The promotional credit will cover up to a twenty dollar value. Additional costs are to be covered by the patron. Payments for additional costs are required at check out. The printing covered by the twenty-dollar credit is based on the amount of grams of material required for the model.  To adhere to this twenty-dollar limit, some prints will require resizing or reducing of the object’s dimensions. Any material that exceeds the promotional credit will be charged at $0.20 per a gram and payment will be expected to cover the cost of this material. Full size versions of some models are available in the main store.  

Any materials produced on premises are not intended for clinical use and the distributed products are intended for research and academic use only. Permissions and compliance with applicable rules are the responsibility of the requestor.  3D printed models are not necessarily food-safe and extra precautions should be taken if the 3D printed component is to be used near food.

After submitting a print request, the requestor will be contacted. All local patrons are urged to pick up printed objects within 7 days of printing. Shipping to other campuses or distance education students is permitted. The Libraries of the Health Sciences cannot guarantee model quality or stability, confidentiality of design, or specific delivery times. We reserve the right to decline any 3D print request for any reason. For special material requests and related questions, please contact

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