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Information and policies on 3D printing at the TTUHSC Libraries

3D Printers

Email us today with a brief summary of the object you'd like to 3D scan and project deadline:

We have heat guns, airbrushing equipment, and mold casting supplies.  For more questions, please email!



  • PLA $0.20 per gram (Typical colors in stock: white, black, red, clear, rainbow, green)
  • ABS $0.30 per gram (Black and White)
  • Flexfill $0.40 per gram (Beige & White)

Photo-polymer Resins

  • Prusa Tough Resin Transparent $0.25 ml
  • Formlabs Clear Resin $0.40 per ml
  • Formlabs Durable Resin $0.55 per ml
  • Formlabs Elastic Resin $0.60 per ml
  • Formlabs Flexible Resin $0.60 per ml

Powdered Thermoplastics

  • PA12 (Nylon) $ TBA

Design Fee: $25.00


This $25.00 is a flat fee that covers the first twenty-hours of design hours or three business days, time accrued after this 24 hour period will be a charged at a rate of $5.00 per an hour.


Painting and surface treatments: starts at $5.00

Mold Making: contact us for pricing.

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