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About the TTUHSC Libraries: FAQs

General information about the TTUHSC Libraries

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Patron Ethics and Responsibility

1. Those persons using the collections and services of the TTUHSC Libraries of the Health Sciences are reminded that violations of Copyright law (Title 17, United States Code) are criminal activities. This includes the "pirating," or illegal copying of software. Violators run the risk of arrest, substantial fine, and perhaps incarceration. Students discovered in such activities will be reported to their Deans and will be denied library privileges.

2. Attempts by patrons to coerce or otherwise force library staff to violate copyright law are similarly criminal activities, and will result in the suspension of library privileges for those involved. This library system strictly adheres to copyright guidelines and is a member of the CCC (Copyright Clearance Center, Inc.)

3. It is the responsibility of library staff to maintain and monitor the use of the library's computers. It is against library policy for computers maintained by the library to be used for personal use, including personal e-mail. Furthermore, it is illegal to use state property for private or financial gain.

4. Failure to cooperate with library policies regarding circulation, overdues, payment for library services, recalled materials, and computer or scanner usage will result in suspension or cancelation of all library privileges.

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