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Peer Review within Scholarly Publications


This guide introduces the idea of peer review and its application in various research. It looks at the peer review process and its role in publishing both primary and secondary research in the health sciences. If you have any comments or suggestions please notify me via email. 

What is Peer Reviewed Literature?

  • Most scientific journals send submissions to be reviewed, or refereed by certain editorial peers before deciding to print them. This process is known as peer review.
  • Peer reviewers are usually scholars, researchers, or practitioners within the journal's discipline. Because of their expertise, peer reviewers can comment on the relevance of the article to their field of study and the appropriateness of the article for the journal.
  • Not all of a journal's content will be peer-reviewed. Certain items within an issue such as news, letters, brief reports, or editorial comments do not go through the peer review process.

The Peer Review Process

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