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3D Printing: you've got to have a mission.

Information and policies on 3D printing at the TTUHSC Libraries


It is because we are super cool.

In all seriousness, making stuff matters. The process of creating is the actualization of an idea.  It is a way for us to give form to our feelings and ideas: a tangible form.  Making a physical object is a way to connect two people around a central idea. It is a way for people to communicate and find innovation.  Since 2017,  our main focus has been finding practical applications for 3D printing within medicine beyond bio-printing and bio-engineering. Because let's face it, our lab is situated in a library, not a laboratory.


We focus on segmentation which is the process of extracting volumetric data from medical imaging. The easiest type of medical imaging to convert into 3D models are CT scans, but MRI scans and Ultrasound images are convertible too! We hold to the idea that if there is volume recorded in the data then it is possible to create a 3D model.


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