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PaperCut Printing: PaperCut


Students - beginning Fall 2018 TTUHSC will collect a new Learning Resource Student Fee.  This new fee will fund various resources to support student learning, including a free printing quota each semester.

Before You Print

  • You must be on campus to create your account and/or print.
  • You cannot print from the Guest wireless. You must be connected to HSC-AIR or wired ethernet.
  • New users get a one-time $5.00 complimentary starter credit.


The 3 ways to print:

  • WebPrint PDF - quick and easy PDF printing by uploading with a web browser. You must print the entire PDF.
  • Desktop printing - print from selected TTUHSC-owned desktop computers in the TTUHSC libraries and the Abilene SON lab.
  • Mobility Print - print any document type from your laptop, smartphone or tablet.