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Predatory Publishing in the Health Sciences


This guide deals with predatory publishing in the health sciences. If you have any suggestions or comments, let me know via email.

What Is Predatory Publishing?

Because open access relies so much on authors to finance their own work, certain publishers can often take advantage of the situation. Intending to profit from faculty and researchers needing to publish, "predatory publishers" that are often little more than scam outfits solicit articles from faculty and researchers. Most predatory publishers are in the business to make money, but much of the problem involves quality control and how the information is processed. After an article is submitted and received--frequently after high fees have been extracted from authors--little or no peer-review process is applied. Works which often do not meet the scholarly standards required for publication are then disseminated into the public domain. The below powerpoint presentations go in depth on the predatory publishing crisis.

Predatory Publishing

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