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Predatory Publishing: Predatory Conferences

Predatory Publishing in the Health Sciences

Predatory Conferences & Conventions

In recent years, predatory conferences have become a similar phenomenon to predatory journals. Such events solicit academics through bogus or suspect invitations to attend conferences. Frequently these are real gatherings intended not only to collect fees, but to publish unauthorized conference proceedings in predatory journals. Below is some further reading:

  • Think Check Attend -  like Think Check Submit, this site provides resources for identifying and avoiding predatory conferences

Recent Articles:

1. Cortegiani A, Manca A, Giarratano A. Predatory journals and conferences: why fake
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3. Asadi A. Invitation to Speak at a Conference: The Tempting Technique Adopted by
Predatory Conferences' Organizers
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4. Asadi A, Rahbar N, Rezvani MJ, Asadi F. Fake/Bogus Conferences: Their Features
and Some Subtle Ways to Differentiate Them from Real Ones.
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5. Bowman JD. Predatory publishing, questionable peer review, and fraudulent
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Identifying Predatory Conferences

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