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Even if users currently have an private login set up wiith Micromedex, they must use Micromedex's separate user instructions for mobile app access. Micromedex periodically makes unannounced password rotations and TTUHSC users must retrieve the new password from the Micromedex web site to reauthorize their app as follows:

  1. Revisit the Micromedex web site (off-campus users will be prompted for their TTUHSC eRaider.)
  2. Click the Mobile Application Access link in the upper right.
  3. Retrieve the new password for your app upon downloading it. 

About the App

Micromedex is primarily a drug reference tool for key pharmaceuticals. The mobile app includes information for each individual drug interaction checker, adverse effects, FDA and non-FDA uses, and other evidence-based things.

Help & Support

Use the LibChat widget on the library homepage to get answers to questions on using this or other library apps.

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