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Mobile Apps


Create an Account

  1. Register an account with PEPID.

*Note that PEPID allows the mobile app to be installed on one device only per account. To move your account to another device, place a voice call to PEPID: 1.888.321.7828 ext. 206.

**Also note that by default, PEPID allows only one module per mobile device (e.g. Primary Drug Companion or Primary Care Plus, but not both). To install more than one module on your device, you must submit the registration form multiple times - once for each module - taking care to use the same password for each submission.

About the App

PEPID's Drug Database and integrated content offers access to a wealth of point-of-care clinical knowledge. The app also offers a number of reference videos for clinical procedures and physical examinations as well as customized hospital protocols and internal guidelines.

Help & Support

Use the LibChat widget on the library homepage to get answers to questions on using this or other library apps.

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