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Library Committees: Systematic Review Task Force

Committee Mission Statement

As a library, our aim is to serve the Texas Tech Health Science Center's institutional needs. This extends to collaborative research opportunities with faculty and staff pursuing their own scholarly communication needs. Systematic reviews offer the chance to pursue and facilitate evidence-based biomedical research through effective, innovative means. The mission of the library's systematic review task force is to investigate and develop ideas to further our outreach opportunities.

Committee Members

  • Peggy Edwards, AMLS - Chair
  • Amy Faltinek, MLS, AHIP
  • Shannon Harris, M.S.L.S.
  • Stephanie Shippey, MLS, AHIP
  • Daniel Stuart, M.L.S, M.A., M.A., AHIP 


Systematic Review vs Literature Reviews

In simple terms, a literature review investigates the available information on a certain topic. It may be only a knowledge survey with an intentional focus. However, it is often a well-organized examination of the existing research which evaluates each resource in a systematic way. Often a lit review will involve a series of inclusion/exclusion criteria or an assessment rubric which examines the research in-depth. Below are some interesting sources to consider.

Literature Review vs. Systematic Review - This recent article details the difference between a literature review and a systematic review. Though the two share similar attributes, key differences are identified here.

Covidence Software

Covidence is a systematic review software that helps researchers identify and filter relevant results. Users can upload batch records from a database or citation management tool, then mutually decide on which studies to include or exclude. The library currently has a site license from which librarians can collaborate with researchers from the institution. 

Agendas & Meeting Minutes

Systematic Review Supplemental Tools

EndNote (licensed through TTUHSC) - allows users to import references directly from multiple databases. Records can then be organized into multiple collections, shared with other users, and synced across different platforms. 

Refworks - An online citation management tool. Users can coordinate the settings to feature certain reference databases. Like EndNote, it also features a Word Plug-In.

Research Databases

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