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Why Do Some Library Resources Have Limited Simultaneous Users?

The TTUHSC Libraries pay for access to many different databases and journals. Some of these resource have rules set by the vendor about how many people can access their resource at the same time. For an example, one vendor may state that only 10 people from TTUHSC community can use their resource at one time. This is called concurrent user limits

If you see a message that the number of concurrent users has been reached and you can not access the journal or database, please wait a few minutes and try that resource again. Other TTUHSC users may have logged off that resource by then. Please be sure to be considerate of other TTUHSC users who may want to use the same resource. Make to close the tab in your browser when you are finished. 

TTUHSC faculty should take concurrent user limits into consideration when using library resources as required materials. If faculty have any questions requiring concurrent users, please contact a Reference Librarian for assistance.

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