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About the TTUHSC Libraries: TTUHSC Libraries Strategic Goals

General information about the TTUHSC Libraries

2019-2021 Strategic Goals of the TTUHSC Libraries

Strategic Goals
Developed by TTUHSC Libraries Strategic Planning Group 2019-2021

April 17, 2019


Mission Statement

The mission of the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center Libraries of the Health Sciences is to enhance learning, research, and patient care in the digital age by providing knowledge-based resources, innovative support, and outstanding service; and, by extension, to meet the biomedical information needs of the informationally underserved biomedical community and the resident citizenry of the 108 county area of West Texas. The Libraries of the Health Sciences serves as a resource library for the National Network of Libraries of Medicine and as a major health sciences resource library within local, state, and regional consortia and networks.


Vision Statement

The libraries in Amarillo, Lubbock, and the Permian Basin seek to develop outstanding services and information resources for the Health Sciences Center based on our values-based culture.


Goal 1: Create a professional development committee with rotating membership and diversity to identify professional development opportunities, and to clarify and establish guidelines for professional development amongst the libraries staff.
Objective: Meet at least twice per year to discuss development ideas for professional librarians, and identify possible speakers. Minutes should be posted on the library website.
Strategy: Seek professional development opportunities, clarify/establish guidelines for professional development by library professionals and staff. 
Tactics: Dialogue with stakeholders about needs/solutions, identify development needs, and identify ways that these needs can be met. 

Goal 2: Make the library a welcoming destination location and gathering place. Create an Events Committee to consider and recommend activities to attract new people to the library.
Objective: Hold at least two events per year. 
Strategy: Many of these projects will be addressed during the planning for the library renovation including changes for converting the libraries to 24/7 access by students. Improve all student study environments in the library with flexible space and furniture. Explore the feasibility of a coffee shop. Other ideas include Ted Talks, popcorn Fridays, pet therapy, salsa taste-off, knitting lessons, and so on.
Tactics: Meet with an architect and facilities people. Review all available surveys and group study analyses.

Goal 3: Position TTUHSC Libraries as a technological leader amongst TTUHSC students, staff, and faculty. The Trends Committee (Daniel Stuart, chair) will make input into creating a technology presence in the library that is beneficial to the library and the HSC community.
Objective: Meet at least twice per year to develop a list of current and trending technologies for the director.
Strategy: Make sure the reported list is as broad and detailed as possible, Including and estimate of relevant costs.
Tactics: Review available information (surveys, focus groups, newsletters, etc.) for committee discussion. Interview people as necessary to inform the committee.

Goal 4: Make TTUHSC Libraries’ web presence on highly visible and appealing. Form a Web Services Committee to review the structure and layout of the library’s website.
Objective: Meet at least twice. Post minutes on the website.
Strategy: Emphasize simplicity and visual appeal. Find out what our users think about the website, both before and after changes.
Tactics: Use information and feedback from students and faculty to facilitate any reorganization of the website. Review possible additions to the website, e.g., a news blog on the landing page or LibGuide home page LibInsights statistics.

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